Travel Photography of Pro Travel Photographer Jeff Lombardo

MALIBU RED and NE-YO Documentary [Trailer]

MALIBU RED is set to launch a 5 part web series documentary on Ne-Yo. The footage from the series contains video I shot while over in UK for the R.E.D. Tour earlier this year. Make sure you check it out. I will update this link as the each part of the series is released.

MALIBU RED Ne-Yo Documentary. Video footage provided by Jeff Lombardo

Top 100 Travel Photographers in the World

Earlier today I was doing an image search for one of my images. When the results came back, I saw one of my images on a website in the UK. When I clicked on the image to take me to the site it was being used on, I realized it was being used in a story that had me ranked as one of the Top 100 Travel Photographers in the World. For the past 16 years, I’ve been working behind-the-scenes in the Entertainment Industry where you’re not recognized for your work. The studios get all the credit. After working in […]

Brooklyn, New York City

Being An Entrepreneur For All The Right Reasons

Do you really want to be one of those people that works for someone your whole life? I don’t believe that many people would answer yes to this question. As the good old saying goes: if you are not going to chase your dream than you are going to be working for someone and helping them chase their dream. To chase our dreams, to do what we love in life, and to live life with some sort of purpose, we all essentially become entrepreneurs- even if we are really artists, musicians, or whatever the hell else we are passionate about. The point is […]


The 10 Major Differences Between New York And Los Angeles

1. In New York, you’re only allowed to be an asshole if you’re interesting. You have to earn the privilege of behaving like a dick. In Los Angeles, however, you can just be a dick. No funny jokes or good personality needed! 2. Los Angeles is the land of delusions. You can live your life thinking you’re the best invention since sliced bread and no one will question your self-importance. New York is different though. Living here basically entails being humiliated on a daily basis. It’s like being served a slice of humble pie over and over again. So even if you do […]


Why Being Humble Leads To Success

Always remember, the loudest person in the room is the weakest. Yes we understand that it is a bit difficult to be humble, especially when you are perfect in all respects, and in your respective industry. When things are going great you of course want to pound your chest, take all the credit, and look like the greatest thing to ever touch green earth- but we’re here to tell you you don’t need to do that. In reality, no matter how successful you are or what you have accomplished, you are just a dot in the universe. Think about how […]


A World Obsessed With Money For All The Wrong Reasons

Never in the history of mankind has the world been as obsessed with money as it is now. Let’s face it, we have all become savages chasing the same exact piece of cheese, seemingly because we were programmed to do so. We will do anything to get it, such as screwing over people we care about to sacrificing our own health or life for that matter. What makes this mentality so disgraceful is the fact that most of the people looking to attain wealth and power are not at all willing to put in all the hard work that would […]


The Lifestyle You Ordered Is Out Of Stock

Everyone on planet earth wants a fancy lifestyle. They want the fast cars, the big yachts, the fast planes, and of course all the women in the world. It is a lifestyle in which you are allowed to do whatever you want at any moment that you feel like doing it. If you want to go to St. Barts for the weekend, your lifestyle will allow you to do so. If you want to go skiing in the mountains of Switzerland, your lifestyle will allow you to do so. This type of lifestyle is wanted and envied by everyone who […]